One-Egg Omelette with Bacon and two types of Chilli Sauce

I think everyone has things they only ever cook when they’re alone, and wouldn’t dream of making for anyone else. Sometimes, they’ll be so weird and non-proper-food-like that they remain an unspoken shame, never revealed, even to our closest friends and loved ones; the type of thing that involves, instant noodles, things from tins, and the mixing of condiments that were never meant to be in the same bowl. Real, dirty secrets.

This, however, is one I’m willing to confess to, because it’s actually quite good. Often, when I’m after a snack that doesn’t involve sugar, bread or, god forbid, sweets, I reach for a box of eggs, and this is a thing that’s kind of evolved from digging around in the fridge to find things to adorn them with to make them a little more interesting.

Like all good snacks, this has the virtue of being preparable in literally under two minutes, and is useful for those times when events have got ahead of you work or family wise, and you’ve forgotten to eat.

The recipe can easily be scaled up and down, but there’s a certain sincerity to making it with one single egg that I like, and seems to suit it.

You will need:

Put a pan (preferably a very trustworthy non-stick pan) over a medium high heat and add the bacon (if you aren’t using non-stick, you may want to use a little oil or butter but otherwise, it’s not needed). Crack the egg into a cup, add a little salt and pepper, and the chilli oil. Whisk extremely thoroughly with a fork.

When the bacon begins to sizzle, flip it over, then fold it in half. Pour the egg over it and use a spatula to collect it into the middle of the pan in a 4″ ish circle (this process is hard to describe, but it’s obvious when you’re doing it. The egg will cook quickly and begin to hold its shape within a few seconds.)

Slide the spatula underneath, flip it over, wait ten seconds, then move the omelette onto a plate. Squirt over as much Sriracha as you feel is needed, then tuck in immediately.


This being an omelette, literally anything you feel like adding is very welcome. Any leftovers, vegetables or cold cuts can take the place of the bacon and, pre-flipping, throw in any bits of cheese you have lying around, diced or grated.

There’s great satisfaction in these secret, lone snacks, I think. I hope you enjoy this one.

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